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The Children of Alabama, Preface

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PREFACE When the currency wars began in earnest, our children were still quite young.  Tyler, our oldest by 20 or 21 seasons, had not yet even grown his first whisker.  I know he will have some memories of the waves of decimation that inundated the world, but the other two won’t.  Even Tyler will only…

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Fuck Discount Tire and their contribution that fuels a failed drug war!

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People are calling to boycott Discount Tire after a large donation against legalizing cannabis in Arizona. The $1 million contribution was to the group opposing Proposition 205. If Proposition 205 passes, cannabis would be legal in Arizona for those of drinking age. Discount Tire’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments from angry customers. By…

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Judge John Grinsteiner drops Amy Goodman’s charge in North Dakota.

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North Dakota Judge says there was not enough probable cause to charge Amy Goodman. Goodman was reporting for Democracy Now! when Native American were attacked by mercenaries in North Dakota. On September 8, Goodman had a warrant issued for her arrest. State Attorney Ladd R. Erickson changed Goodman’s charge from criminal to trespass to riot.…

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Images from Iowa show arrests stemming across the Dakota Access.

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The stand against the Dakota Access continues in Iowa. Arrests have been made in Iowa and other areas against those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Those locking themselves to equipment are facing theft charges for halting construction. Iowa has even less media attention than North Dakota. Aside from the brief mainstream media attention brought on…

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WikiLeaks tweets cause people to think Julian Assange is dead.

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The tweets sent out yesterday from the Wikileaks caused a bit of panic across social media. As of now, Assange is believed to be alive. Codes included in tweets are thought to be a “Dead Man Switch” by some. As of now, it appears the codes are for an upcoming leak. A serious of three…

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Did Thomas McCreary kill beloved ‘Pedals’ the Bear?

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Those angry about the death of Pedals have been relentlessly attacking Thomas McCreary. At this time it is not confirmed that Pedals has been killed, or who the hunter is responsible. Due to injured and missing front paws, the bipedal bear preferred to walk on his hind legs, earning him the name Pedals. Pedals became…

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Robbers wore sheriff’s vests during home-invasion in Stockton.

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Suspects in a home-invasion were wearing Sheriff vests. Stockton police are also missing a total of 17 weapons since 2010. Law enforcement agencies around the country have lost a high number of weapons obtained through the 1033 Program. The federal agencies appear to not be able to track the weapons they have been transferring to…

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#Repealthe19th surfaces on Twitter to take women’s right to vote.

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Repeal the 19th hashtag is trending on Twitter. Two models were created showing what the country would look like if just men voted and just women. The hashtag is now top trending. The 19th amendment gave women their right to vote in 1920. The world of misogynism just went down a dark rabbit hole on…

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Does Oklahoma really have a “Oilfield Prayer Day?”

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Last month Governor Mary Fallin made October 13 Oilfield Prayer Day. Fallin’s first proclamation caused anger after it appeared the day was only for Christians. Fallin has since welcomed all religions to join in Oilfield Prayer Day. The oil and gas industry is struggling in Oklahoma, leading to the loss of tens of thousands of…

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Where can I sign the petition against the Kansas DCF, Brownback and others?

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Petition filed accuses the Kansas DCF of abusing their power to receive funding. The petition was filed yesterday in Sedgwick County court. Family advocate Jennifer Winn filed the petition and now has 60 days to turn in 4,000 signatures. The petition is calling for a grand jury investigation. Editorial Note: This article will be updated…

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