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Did you know federal money cannot be used for abortions

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Federal funding for women’s healthcare has not been allowed to pay for abortions since 1976 Trump signs executive order to defund international healthcare clinics that educate, advocate, or perform abortions Due to the Hyde Amendment, federal funding cannot be used for an abortion unless the pregnancy could kill the woman, or is the result of…

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Bounty Put Out on Black Bloc Assailant Who Sucker Punched Richard Spencer on Video

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Someone sucker-punched alt-right leader Richard Spencer on Inauguration Day, and now there’s a bounty on his head Debate soon raged over whether or not punching a ‘Nazi’ is acceptable if the opportunity presents itself An unidentified black-clad assailant now has a price on his head in the form of a bounty over $5,000 It could…

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Six Journalists Face Up to 10 Years in Prison — For Doing Their Jobs

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Six journalists face potential 10-year sentences and $25,000 fines for reporting on inauguration protests Over 230 people were indiscriminately arrested after incidents of property destruction Journalists identified themselves, but police refused to acknowledge their credentials Charges of felony rioting are now being challenged in several lawsuits Six journalists and at least one legal observer were…

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President Trump looks to prove his hands are not too small to build a wall

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President Trump has signed an executive order to begin construction on the infamous wall Taxpayers will be forced to pay for the wall initially Trump claims that Mexico will reimburse taxpayers for the wall but has not gone into detail on how The wall is expected to cost at least $8 billion but could go…

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Morton County Sheriff’s Department requests federal assistance following President Trump’s Dakota Access executive order

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Morton County Sheriff’s Department has requested “much-needed law enforcement support and public safety resources” Morton County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement claiming their requests were “ignored by the last administration” Standing Rock Sioux Tribe requested federal help in getting water protectors to leave the Cannon Ball area LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard refuses to remove the Sacred…

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14-year-old Miami foster child Nakia Venant commits suicide on livestream

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Miami Department of Children and Families had little to say about the the suicide of 14-year-old Nakia Venant Nakia Venant did a 2-hour livestream either directly to Facebook or using another app when she committed suicide The young girl was sexually assaulted in foster care and never received the proper counseling Nakia was moved to…

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Danielle Ann the Dr Phil “Cash me outside” girl suicide hoax

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13-year-old Danielle Ann has found herself as the newest Internet meme after her appearance on Dr. Phil The young girl’s phrase “Cash me outside” has gone viral The satire site posted a viral article claiming the girl committed suicide The viral satire story comes not even a month after 12-year-old Katelyn Nichole Davis committed…

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Governor Brownback does nothing as Kansas gun law is violated by federal court

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Two men face federal prison for following state law In 2013 Governor Brownback signed off on House Bill 2199 known as the Second Amendment Protection Act Shane Cox was a gun store owner in Chanute Kansas and Jeremy Kettler was one of his customers In 2014 the men were arrested for violating federal gun laws even…

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Growing concerns that ROZOL poisoning could be the cause of “camp cough” at Standing Rock camps

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ROZOL found to be illegally used on Cannonball Ranch and Wilder Ranch In April six bald eagles were found dead along with bison in the area The EPA found that ROZOL had been used illegally in the area to exterminate prairie dogs Chlorophacinone, more commonly known as ROZOL, is an anticoagulant rodenticide Many of the water…

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Did Mother Nature protest the Trump Inauguration before it happened?

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trump inauguration

For a large group of Americans this weekend, nothing was more riveting than The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and all the pageantry that surrounded it. The Daily Haze was in Washington D.C. for the week and can testify that the event was indeed (as Donald would say), “YUGE!”. However, while Washington D.C. prepared for…

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