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Active construction of Dakota Access continues to be stopped by peaceful demonstrations.

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Cannon Ball, North Dakota (via – The Indigenous Environmental Network) – On Monday, North Dakota news outlet WDAY-TV published a report on a #NoDAPL action in North Dakota that occurred the day prior. The report alleges a private security guard was “assaulted” and “carried by” protesters at a Dakota Access construction site. There is no proof of the incident…

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Insanely Offensive 9/11 TV Ad Goes Viral & Store Forced To Close

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“This has to be the most monumental, “WHAT THE F@#% WERE YOU THINKING” moment, in the history of television advertising” Said everyone who has seen it! Store Manager, Cherise Bonanno and 2 employees came up with the insanely offensive ad Miracle Mattress Facebook Page get attacked Store closes indefinitely after receiving death threats. “Effective immediately,…

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Secret YouTube Pedophile Hangout EXPOSED – WARNING GRAPHIC

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Are your kids safe? Do you know the “SECRET CODE” Pedophiles use? WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT – NOT CHILD PORN Is YouTube a gateway to the child porn underworld? Where do you find over 100 pedophiles in 3 hours? YOUTUBE! First we want to make this perfectly clear, this video, or story, in…

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Wing-Suit base jumper falls to his death while broadcasting live on Facebook

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Armin Schmieder, an Italian wing-suit pilot died today during a wing suit base jump which was being broadcast live on Facebook Schmieder was 28 years old and was base jumping  for just over a year Several base jumpers have died this year in the Alps The video becomes eerie near the end with cow bell sounds…

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Girl injected with meth, raped, strangled, stabbed, dismembered, then set on fire by her own mother and 2 others on 10th birthday!

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Child was injected with methamphetamine, raped, strangled, stabbed and dismembered by her own mother, the mother’s boyfriend and his cousin, on little girl’s 10th birthday. All 3 have been chared with multiple felony counts, including 1st degree murder Dismembered body was wrapped in blanket and set on fire Gov. Martinez, “this is unspeakable and justice should come down like a…

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