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Dave Archambault II

To DAPL Facts: Fuck You and Your Foreign-Owned Bullshit Pipeline

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To the profit-motivated, self-interested Dakota Access Pipeline-affiliated disinformation website, DAPL Facts: Manipulating an article from The Daily Haze to reflect a narrative fitting to your own agenda cannot be allowed to pass unanswered. On February 4, we published an interview-based piece in which Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II made apparent his loyalties…

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Dave Archambault II: “This Pipeline Is Not Going to Be Detrimental to Our Nation”

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II now seems actively opposed to the #NoDAPL movement Says Dakota Access will not ‘kill our nation’ Takes issue with the phrase ‘water is life’ Wants water protectors to go home or fight the pipeline in Washington Rumors concerning tribal leadership, law enforcement, and Big Oil have swirled…

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council accused of misappropriation of donated funds

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In a December 20 Resolution the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council decided to put $3.2 million from donations towards their own debts instead of the water protectors needs The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council claim the money will be used to “reimburse” the tribe Some who donated are upset that their donation is not going…

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