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Oil Could Flow Through the Dakota Access Pipeline in Less Than 24 Hours

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Oil could be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline tomorrow. A federal appeals court denied a last-ditch injunction against the pipeline Outstanding litigation won’t stop the pipeline from becoming operational It could be a year before the Iowa Supreme Court rules on an eminent domain lawsuit North Dakota’s sweet, light crude could be flowing through…

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West Virginia Senate Bill 9 looks to ban the use of drones against pipelines

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West Virginia Senate Bill 9 will make it illegal to use drones to gather “evidence or information” against an industrial facility Drones became an important tool in distributing information to the public in Standing Rock Senate Bill 9 could open the door to prohibiting drones for gathering information for the public across the country The…

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Court filing shows US Army Corps will grant the needed easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline

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US Army Corps of Engineers to grant easement to Dakota Access according to court filing The filing was made in US District Court in Washington DC The easement to tunnel under Lake Oahe was all that was needed to complete the pipeline The Dakota Access Pipeline was supposed to be operating by November 2016 but…

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