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Standing Rock: Police Break Livestreamer’s Hip, but Roll Out Red Carpet for ABC News

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Eviction of water protectors from Standing Rock has begun Hundreds of militarized officers surrounded camps Wednesday. Police refused freedom of the press — except for ABC News. Police made several violent arrests, and allegedly broke Eric Poemz’ hip. An estimated 100 water protectors began filing out of the remaining camps on unceded treaty land at…

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120 Investors to 17 Big Banks: Consider Reroute of DAPL or Risk Possible ‘Legal Liability’

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Investors representing billions urged 17 Big Banks to appease the Tribe Treaty violations and excessive force against water protectors concerned the investors. They point out a number of banks have already pulled assets from DAPL. Lake Oahe is rightfully Sioux land, they emphasized, and DAPL should be rerouted. A group of more than 120 investors,…

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To DAPL Facts: Fuck You and Your Foreign-Owned Bullshit Pipeline

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To the profit-motivated, self-interested Dakota Access Pipeline-affiliated disinformation website, DAPL Facts: Manipulating an article from The Daily Haze to reflect a narrative fitting to your own agenda cannot be allowed to pass unanswered. On February 4, we published an interview-based piece in which Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II made apparent his loyalties…

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Video shows a BIA officer violently attack an unarmed female water protector with his baton

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A BIA officer was caught on film striking an unarmed female in Standing Rock with his baton several times before arresting her The video was uploaded to Will Barton’s Facebook page The woman can be heard screaming “Stop brutalizing me” over and over Three people were said to be arrested from the incident A disturbing…

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Dave Archambault II: “This Pipeline Is Not Going to Be Detrimental to Our Nation”

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II now seems actively opposed to the #NoDAPL movement Says Dakota Access will not ‘kill our nation’ Takes issue with the phrase ‘water is life’ Wants water protectors to go home or fight the pipeline in Washington Rumors concerning tribal leadership, law enforcement, and Big Oil have swirled…

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Morton County Sheriff’s Department attack another journalist Jon Ziegler

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Livestreamer Jon Ziegler becomes the latest journalist to be attacked by Morton County Sheriff’s Department Law enforcement in the area were crossing over their barricade Wednesday and early Thursday morning One of the officers appears to yell at Ziegler just seconds before a rubber bullet is fired at the phone he was streaming from Ziegler…

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Three arrested following NoDAPL demonstration at Vikings vs Bears game

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Karl Mayo and Sen Holiday were arrested following a demonstration at the Vikings vs Bears game The two repelled down from the rafters and revealed a giant banner that urged US Bank to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline Mayo and Holiday were charged with trespass and burglary A third woman was arrested at the…

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Vanessa Dundon ‘Sioux Z’ permanently blind after being shot in the face by a tear gas canister

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Sioux Z has less than a 5% chance of ever seeing out of her right eye Sioux Z was shot in the face with a tear gas canister while trying to help a member of the media off of the Blackwater Bridge Doctor’s have told Sioux Z that there is less than a 5% chance…

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Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the area of Standing Rock

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Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the surrounding area of Dakota Access Pipeline Law enforcement has requested Ace Hardware to not sell any materials that could be used as an “incendiary device” Officers claim that protesters were using propane tanks as incendiary devices the night that Sophia Wilansky suffered a severe arm injury after…

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How to protect yourself from tear gas in Standing Rock

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What do you do if law enforcement uses tear gas during the December 5th eviction of Oceti Sakowin camp Army Corps announced that the property where Oceti Sakowin camp is located will be closed to the public as of December 5 Two different kinds of tear gas canisters have been found at the scenes of…

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