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Convicted murderer Jordan McCready continues to brag about kicking 13-year-old Jon Wilson to death from prison

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In 2011 17-year-old Jordan McCready kicked 13-year-old Jon Wilson to death on the streets of Kilmarnock Wilson was found covered in blood and struggling to breathe Medics discovered Wilson had irreversible brain damage from the attack Wilson died the next day from the severity of his injuries McCready told police he was “glad” he had…

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Veteran and activist Kash Jackson faces jail time for an irrational child support debt

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Photo Credit: CTRL D MEDIA Veteran and activist Kash Jackson has been ordered to serve 30-days in jail Jackson has toured the country standing up for the rights of fathers Every month Jackson has $900 of $1,600 retirement check garnished Even after spending 30-days in jail Jackson’s debt will continue to accumulate America’s child services…

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