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North Dakota Water Protectors face trumped up charges from Morton County

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Law enforcement in Morton County made over 700 arrests since last September First signs of Morton County’s inability to handle the legal proceedings for mass arrests are beginning to show Those arrested were given numbers that were written on their arm with marker Angie Spencer uploaded two pictures to her Facebook account that shows her…

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Police Are Now Targeting Veterans, Just for Heading to Standing Rock

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Two groups of veterans were pulled over without explanation on the way to Standing Rock Two were arrested and charged for the medical cannabis they use for PTSD VeteransRespond’s executive director believes this is blatant targeting Vets had all their winter gear confiscated Police have now filed charges against two veterans on their way to…

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Video shows a BIA officer violently attack an unarmed female water protector with his baton

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A BIA officer was caught on film striking an unarmed female in Standing Rock with his baton several times before arresting her The video was uploaded to Will Barton’s Facebook page The woman can be heard screaming “Stop brutalizing me” over and over Three people were said to be arrested from the incident A disturbing…

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Wes Clark Jr no longer involved in Veterans Stand for Standing Rock

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Wes Clark Jr announced his decision to leave Veterans Stand for Standing Rock in a press release Clark Jr. raised $1.2 million to use towards getting thousands of veterans to the Oceti Sakowin camp In a press release it was stated that Clark Jr. did not have access to the Go Fund Me account Michael Woods…

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Sophia Wilansky faces possible amputation after Sunday’s attack on water protectors

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The woman who sustained a serious injury to her arm in Standing Rock has been identified as Sophia Wilansky Wilansky may have to have her arm amputated after being struck by what was believed to be a concussion grenade Law enforcement in Standing Rock sprayed down water protectors with water cannons in below freezing weather…

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